You are welcome in Chile with your UAV. Above the 250 gram it is obligated to get a permit.

To get a permit, see the links below. 


Maximum take-off weight: Above 250 gram, you need a permit

Maximum hight:  130 meters / 426 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance:  500 meters 1,640 ft, and the UAV pilot must keep visual contact at all times with the UAV

Registration: obligated

Minimum age: 

Insurance: Liability insurance obligated 

Distance Airports / Heliports:  2 km / 1.24 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited: Torres del Paine National Park en other places marked as a  “No Fly Zone.”

                     Not above Rescue workers or disaster areas. 


Useful link: Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Chile(DGAC)

UAV rules: Click here .

Contact information: / +56 2 2439 2000


To register, you have to email the information below to DGAC

  • Manufacturer and production country
  • Brand, model, and serial number
  • Type of motorization
  • Maximum take-off weight.
  • Details of built-in technical equipment
  • Autonomous flight functions
  • 10 x 15 cm colored photo (jpeg format) of the UAV
  • Demonstration of the operation of the emergency parachute.

If you send this to the DGAC, they wil send you a registrationcard, keep this with you when you are entering

the country, and when you are flying. This regisgrationcard is valid for 12 months.