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Link to No Fly Zone map Germany added to the site.

Flying a drone under influence of alcohol in Japan, is a offence, equal to driving a car drunk.

Updated Aruba with minor rule change, and usefull contact information. 

Updated Canada with the new Drone rules from june 1th. 2019. Added usefull links and No Fly Zone map. 

Presentation of New EU Drone Rules (in Dutch only) Download the PDF doc here.

Spain have updated the Drone rules, It's added to the page. 

New EU rules are announced, from next wednesday april 24 you can download them on our page.

Today we are visiting a meeting with the Ministery of transport and Infrastructure about the new Drone rules in the EU.

Hungary have sharpend the Drone rules, the are added to the page. 

Nice news from Turkey, more drones are welcome in the country. 

Our designers made us happy after a couple of weeks with a brand new logo (see above left on our page).

Wallis and Futuna, South Ossetia and Tokelau added to page.

Johnston Atoll, Spitsbergen en Saba added to page. 

Guam and French-Polynesia and the Northern Mariana Islands added to page. 

Faroe Islands added to page. 

Åland Islands added to page: nice detail: flying at night is allowed, the sun is not going under most time of the year. 

Hungarian Ministery of Innovation and Technology send us a email with the latest news about there regulation (see page).

The CAA from the Cayman Islands send us there rules and some No Fly Zones Maps.

Sweden is updated, some new rules are added to our page. 

We have a partnership with Drone Watch on our Dutch website. 

A start has been made with the Spanish-language website. Álvaro Contreras from Argentina is going to fix this for us.

We have a partnership with Carolina Dronz from today on our English-based website.

All countries have been translated into English, a monster job. We are now the largest database in the world!

Maldives has introduced drone rules.

Registration link added to Ireland. UAVs heavier than 1 kilo must be registered.

We are working with three people to translate the entire website into English, another 90 countries to go. :-)

Form added to Tanzania and Zanzibar to register and Zanzibar added to page.

Heavy UAV licensing has been introduced by Hungary, 30 days before flight already passing full flight.

Kenya has silently lifted the UAV ban, UAVs are welcome and rules have even been drawn up.

As of 1 June 2019, new rules will apply in Canada, which we have already put on the site.

Burundi added to the NTAU countries, due to intense internal tensions in the country.

We have decided to translate the entire website into English, a huge job that will take 4-6 weeks.

We would appreciate a voluntary Paypal donation if you consider this website useful, donate here, thanks in advance!

Added chapter Travel UAV, containing the best UAVs for traveling according to the editorial staff of

Link to UAV permit application form added to China.

Frequently asked questions added to chapter NTAU.

There is again a Top 5 of most visited countries on /

WorldDroneRules advise: Make a photo of your name and address with your UAV, if you lose your UAV, easily for finder.

If you registered your UAV in Croatia before January 1, 2019, you do not have to do so this year, it remains valid.

Registration legislation FAA USA has been tightened up, from 24-02-2019 obliged to have FAA number on the UAV.

WorldDroneRules advise: A cheap and good brand picture, you buy the cheapest here.

Page of Denmark updated, register is now free, and registration number must be mentioned on the UAV.

Chapter KLM adjusted due to change regulations on the lipos.

Added chapter "Negative Travel Advice UAV" (NTAU).

Chapter "News" added, plus layout adapted from the page.

Because we are the largest database in the world for UAV rules, from now on also Negative Traveladvice for UAV.

UAV rules St. Martin is up-to-date.

Application procudure Croatia has changed + new application form added.

All countries of the world (198 units) are now on the site + 23 sub-areas, we are the largest database in the world.

Layout of the site adjusted, scroll menu disappeared and Countries put together alphabetically.

Qatar, added to the site and Myanmar (Burma) added to site.

Colombia added to the site

Mexico is still up-to-date, Permission declaration required to enter country.

Belize is still up-to-date, 40 minutes with responsible calls.

Turkey is still up-to-date, our negative travel advice for UAVs remains in force.

Canada, rules changed as of January 1, 2019, updated on the site.

Egypt: There are prohibition signs on the Airports UAV, UAVs are taken at customs, as are binoculars!

Curacao change in license application.

Denmark regulations have been changed and adapted on the site.

Egypt receives a negative travel advice from UAVs (repossessions are the order of the day).

Thailand is completely updated and up-to-date.

England has adjusted the height limits. We have also adjusted this on the site.

Link added to Cyprus from government.

Still negative travel advice Turkey. Leave your drone at home.