You are welcome in China with your UAV.


Maximum take-off weight: Above 250 Gram you must register your UAV (online registration).

Maximum hight:  120 meters / 393 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance:  The UAV pilot must keep visual contact at all times with the UAV

Registration: obligated

Minimum age: 

Insurance: Liability insurance obligated 

Distance Airports / Heliports:  12 km / 7.45 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited!!


- Beijing is a complete NFZ,  till the  6th Ring Road your UAV may not fly.

- Chinese Wall is a NFZ.  Travel further to a place with not many tourist, there is no problem. 


Useful links:

Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC)

UAV registration: Click here

China UAV laws: Click here

No Fly Zone map: Click here

Contact information:  /  +86 (0)1064091288