Your UAV is welcome in Colombia. Your have to ask for a permit for every flight you gonna make. 


Maximum take-off weight: 

Maximum hight: 152,4 meters ( 500 ft.)

Maximum horizontal distance:  750 meters (2460 ft), and the UAV pilot must keep visual contact at all times with the UAV

Registration: obligated

Radio contact: You must keep radio contact with the nearest airport during your flight.  

Insurance: Liability insurance obligated 

Distance Airports / Heliports:  5 km / 3.1 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited!!


                     - No payloads

                     - Not above people, buildings

                     - Not above military objects, police, prisons

                     - Not above parks, beaches, roads, waterways 

                     - Not in 2 km distance from the President of Colombia or other government people 


Useful links: Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia (CAAC) 

UAV registration: Click here

Colombia UAV laws: Click here

No Fly Zone map: not available

Contact information: / +57 14251000