In Croatia you are welcome with your UAV. Registration is obligated. If you travel next year to Croatia again, then your registration is

still valid, unless you have another UAS. 


Maximum hight: 120 meters 393 ft. (since 15-12-2018)

Maximum horizontal distance: UAV must be visable for pilot. 

Insurance: Obligated. 

Maximum take-off weight: + 900 gram you have a UAV in Class B2, registration is obligated.

Distance Airports/heliports : 5 km 3.18 mi

Fireproof tag: Obligated with name, adress, telephone number, you can order them here.

Other distances: 50 meters between UAV and people, 150 meters from Buildings and crowds t

Night fligts: Prohibited, unless you are registrated. (this is the only country in the world where you can fly at night).



Drone registration: 

Note: procedure is changed since Juli 1th 2019, the registration stays valid, until you have a new UAV.

If you made a registration for Croatia before juli 1 2019, then you have to do nothing the next years if you have the same UAV.

If you have you bought a new UAV, then you have to register again. 


Everybody who use a UAV without registration and FireProof Tag, is punishable. Croatia Police wil be very strict in 2019. 


Online registration:  

Click here for the online registration.

If you wanna take photo's and fly in towns, you have to registrate as a commercial user. 



Usefull links:

- UAV rules Croatia.

- Order a fireproof tag here.





 Pula, Arena (Photo: WorldDroneRules)                                                            Plitvice lakes (Photo: WorldDroneRules)