In Croatia you are welcome with your UAV. Registration is obligated. If you travel next year to Croatia again, then your registration is

still valid, unless you have another UAS. 


Maximum hight: 120 meters 393 ft. (since 15-12-2018)

Maximum horizontal distance: UAV must be visable for pilot. 

Insurance: Obligated. 

Maximum take-off weight: + 900 gram you have a UAV in Class B2, registration is obligated.

Distance Airports/heliports : 5 km 3.18 mi

Fireproof tag: Obligated with name, adress, telephone number, you can order them here.

Other distances: 50 meters between UAV and people, 150 meters from Buildings and crowds t

Night fligts: Prohibited, unless you are registrated. (this is the only country in the world where you can fly at night).



Drone registration: 

Note: procedure is changed, the registration stays valid, until you have a new UAV. So if you made a registration in Croatia in 2018, then you have to do nothing the next years if you have the same UAV. Have you bought a new UAV, then you have to register again. 


Everybody who use a UAV without registration and FireProof Tag, is punishable. Croatia Police wil be very strict in 2019. 


For class A and B1 there is no obligation anymore to register. (Toys).  

For class B2 (Mavic, Phantom, Typhoon H) you have to register you UAV

A Benefit of registration is that you may also fly at night! 


Roadmap to request a permit/registration for class B2 (Mavic, Phantom etc. ):

1) Order a fireproof tag for you UAV, they are selling them here in Germany.

2) Transfer 20 Kuna to the ministery of Finance (payment instructions below).

3) Make a printscreen of your transfer, or ask for a Swift MT103 proof from your bank, so you can proof that the 20 Kuna is transferred. 

5) Download FOD-FRM-005 and fill it in. 

6) Send the form FOD-FRM-005 and your proof of payment to the following adress by regular post:

After 1 or 2 weeks you will get a email that your form is arrived in Zagreb Croatia, and that your UAV is registrated. They will send you a email with a photo of your Form, you will see a sticker on it. Print it out, and keep it with you when you are flying your UAV. 


Usefull links:

- FOD-FRM-005 form for registration.

- Example of a filled in FOD-FRM-005 Form

- UAV rules Croatia.

- Order a fireproof tag here.


Payment details:

You are obliged to pay administrative fees, and deliver us the proof of payment (20 HRK or an equivalent amount in other currencies).

(We transfered Euro 2,75. Use only the blue details in your transfer. 



Swift code (Bic):  NBHRHR2XXXX


IbanNr : HR12 1001 0051 8630 00160

Payment detailsHR 64  5002-49083-76108805525



 Pula, Arena (Photo: WorldDroneRules)                                                            Plitvice lakes (Photo: WorldDroneRules)