You are welcome with a UAV in Curaçao, you have to get a permit for personal use.


General UAV rules:

Maximum hight: 120 meters 393 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: UAV pilot must have visable sight with the UAV

Nightflights: prohibited


Distance Airports/Heliports: 5 km / 3.18 mi

Prohibited: Above houses, beaches, miltary objects, grafeyards, churches harbours, gasoline storages. 

Special rule: Dont fly with alcohol.


You must have 2 permits:

1) Aviation Safety Inspector Operations / Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (contact them by email).

2) Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BTP)


Take both forms with you when you cross the border, and when you fly your UAV. 


You can get all info from the Aviation Safety Inspector Operations Mr. Michael A.N. LLanes , email this guy  (

and he wil wil send you a form and a No Fly Zone map in PDF. 

Send him the filled in Form back, after that you are asking for a permit at the Bureau Telecommunicate & Post (BTP) ,also by email.  

(, again fill in this form, and they wil send it back the same day by email.


Useful links: 

Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA)

Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BTP)

Document betreffende vliegen met een drone, van de CCAA.


Contact details CCAA: / +599 9839 3333