You are welcome in Denmark with your UAV, but you must register it.


In Danmark there is a difference between developed and undevoloped area, and there are subdivisions 


  • Category 1A: until 1.5 kilo.
  • Category 1B: from 1.5 to 7 kilo.
  • Category 2: from 7 to 25 kilo.


Maximum hight: 120 meters 393 ft above ground in undeveloped area and 100 meters 328 ft in developed area.

Minimum age: 18 years in developed area.

Maximum distance: UAV Pilot must keep visual sight with the UAV. If you want to take it out visual sight, then the UAV pilot must proof that he

                                  made more then 50 flights in the last 12 months.

Insurance: Cat 2 insurance obligated. In devoloped area a insurance is obligated. 

Fireproof Tag: obligated (with name, adres, telephone number), you can order it here

Keep a log: Obligated, in the log date, flights, drone, pilot etc. etc. 

Maximum take-off weight: See Cat. 1A, 1B en 2.  Cat. 2 may only be flying at modelflight clubs. 

Distance Airports/heliports: 5 km 3.18 mi

Other distances: 150 meters (492 ft) from buildings, road, crowds, waterways, beaches, ski area en ski escalators  

                              15-50 meters distance from individuals

Permission: In ale categories you must ask for a UAV licence at the Danish Transport and Construction Agency,

                         when you wanna fly in developed areas                         

Night flights: Night flights in developend area is only possible when the  Danish Transport and Construction Agency gives you permission.

                        Night flights in nature are obligated. 


Useful Links: Denmark Civil Aviation Administration (CAA)

Registration: Click here registration is free of charge. 

UAV Rules:

Fireproof Tag: Order it here and get it quickly

Map with No Fly Zones:

Contact information: / +45 7221 8800