You are welcome in the Dominica with your UAV.


Dominica have only 72,600 citizens, it's a paradise for divers, but also for UAV Pilots.

Don't forget to book a trip to see some Whales!


Maximum take-off weight: Not above 15 kilo

Maximum hight: 121 meters. / 400 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance:  Keep visual eye contact with the UAV

Maximum distance persons:  30 meters / 100 ft.

Registration: -

Minimum age: 

Insurance: not known

Distance Airports / Heliports:  8 km / 4.17 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited:  not above crowds, houses unless you have permission from the owner


Useful link: Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority

Contact information: / +1 268 462 0000 / 0907