England (United Kingdom)


New regulations in the UK valid from november 2019 for drones heavier than 250 grams. You are welcome with your Drone in England, but you must do an online exam in advance (Free) and you must register your Drone in advance, the costs for this are GBP 9 per year.

Register your drone and take a theory exam here.

You must also have a branding plate with the Operator ID on it


Maximum take-off weight:  Above 7 kilo, you must have a condition apply.

Maximum hight:120 meter / 400 ft in the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, England) (since Juli 1th 2018)

Maximum horizontal distance:  500 meters 1,640 ft. and keep visual eye contact with the UAV

Maximum distance persons:  50 meters / 164 ft. and  150 meters / 492 ft from buildings and crowds

Registration: -

Minimum age: -

Insurance: not known

Distance Airports / Heliports:  8 km / 4.17 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited:  not above crowds, houses unless you have permission from the owner, not above military objects, stadiums, rescue workers.

Good to know: Frequency: 2.4 GHz without power limitation with digital radio; 5.8 GHz in the range of 5.725 to 5.875 MHz


Useful link: Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom (CAA)

Contact information: infoservices@caa.co.uk. / +44 033 0022 1500


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