You are welcome in France with your UAV.


Maximum take-off weight:  2 kilo

Maximum hight: 150 meter / 1,640 ft

Maximum horizontal distance:  Keep always visual eye contact with the UAV

Maximum distance persons:  50 meters / 164 ft. and  150 meters / 492 ft from buildings and crowds

Registration: Obligated, see link below

Minimum age: -

Insurance: not known

Distance Airports / Heliports:  8 km / 4.17 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited:  Not above crowds, houses unless you have permission from the owner, not above military objects, stadiums, rescue workers.

                     Not above the boulevard of St.Tropez, St. Maxime, alle beaches, disaster areas. 


Useful link: French Civil Aviation Authority

No Fly Zones France:  Geo Portal

Registration UAV: Alpha Tango


No Fly Zones France: