You are welcome with your UAV in Ghana


All UAVs must be registered at the  Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

You can buy a registration permit for only USD 4.000,- (Euro 3.500,-).

Do you ignore this then you can be punished with 30 years imprisonment. 

 gevangenisstraf, and do not akt like a tough guy, they really give that punishment!  


If you have too much money, and you have arranged that registration, these are the rules:


Maximum take-off weight: No limit

Maximum hight: 120 meters / 393 ft

Maximum horizontal distance: Keep visual contact with the UAV at all times.

Insurance: Obligated, not a travel insurance, but a separate Drone insurance

Minimum age: 18 years

Distance Airports / Heliports: 10 km / 6.4 mi.

Night flights:  Prohibited

The most special prohibition of this website: You may not fly in violent winter conditions (Hello... this is Ghana).

Prohibited: not in the neighborhood of military , ships,  people, animals, government buildings, beaches.


UAV Rules: Click here.

Useful link: Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

Contact information: / +233 21 776177