Hong Kong


You are welcome with your UAV in Hong Kong


Maximum take-off weight: 7 kilo, otherwise get a permit at the Civil Aviation Department (CAD).

Maximum hight:  90 meters / 295 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: Keep visual eye contact with UAV

FPV: Prohibited, also with a spotter/observer is illegal. 

Insurance: Only for commercial flights, but recommended for everybody. 

Afstand luchthavens/Heliports: 5 km 3.18 mi

Age: - 

Night fligts: Phohibited

Specific rule: The start and landing spot may not be entered for public.

No Fly Zones: 

  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • North Lantau coastal area
  • Coastal areas from Tai Lam Chung to Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi Island
  • Victoria Harbor and its coastal areas
  • Area of Shek Kong

Prohibited:  Te vliegen over personen, gebouwen, schepen, menigten

Good to know: UAV movements may only be done in good weather conditions:  

  • Visibility must be 5 km 3.1 mi
  • Not flying in Fog, or mist.
  • Windspeed not higher then 37 km/h.
  • Dont fly during a cycloon, storm or rain. 


Useful links: CAD: Regulations for private purposes, CAD: Regulations for commercial purposes


Prohibited to take these kind of photo's