You are welcome with your UAV in Israël. 


Anyone who wants to take a UAV into Israel which is heavier than 300 grams, must arrange an import approval. It does not matter whether it is for private purposes or business. You can download the form here (in Hebrew): (online in Hebrew here). After you have completed it, you will receive approval within 14 days. If you dont hav a import approval, your UAV stays at the border, and you can pick it up, when you are leaving the country.


Maximum take-off weight:

Maximum hight: 50 meters - 164 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: 120 meters / 393 ft. 

Insurance: Recommended

Minimum age: - 

Register: You must register at two departments. 1: CAAI  2: Ministry of communication

Distance Airports/heliports : 2 km / 1.2 mi.  but better take more distance. 

Other distances: 250 meters from Schools, residential areas, Cinemas, crowds. 

                              When there is a cloud or fog, keep 150 meters 492 ft. distance.   

Night flights: Prohibited

Prohibited: City of Jeruzalem is a NoFlyZone!! Not above military objects, Borders or Churches, Mosques. 


If you have problems with register your UAV, please contact: Israeli club for Model Airplanes. They are willing to help you.


Useful links: Israeli Civil Aviation Authority, quora

Contact information: / +972 3 977 4555

Registration: Read here everthing about the UAV registration.

No Fly Zones: Map With No Fly Zones Israel