Johnston Atoll


There are no UAV rules at Johnston Atoll. Hold yourself to the rules that you are using at home.

so many people can fly there UAV here. 

From 1926 the island was officially a nature reserve, after which it was taken over by the US Navy in 1934. The US Air Force took command in 1948, after which tests were conducted from the island in the field of nuclear and chemical ammunition. These tests were carried out here until the 1950s, after which the island was given the function of "safe storage" of (thermo) nuclear and chemical weapons until 2000. The island has now been emptied, and the weapons have been destroyed / dismantled. The Johnston Atoll is officially a Nature Reserve, but mooring and recreation are permitted here.


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Useful link: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Contact information:  Email US Fish and Wildlife Service / (808) 792-9558