You are welcome with your UAV in Jordan.


You are obliged to register your UAV at least 10 days in advance with the Royal Jordanian Air Force and Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission before you enter the country. More about registration: Click here.


Maximum take-off weight: 25 kilo

Maximum hight: 122 meters / 400 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: Keep visual contact with UAV

Insurance: Obligated

Minimum age: 21

Distance Airports / Heliports: 5 km / 3.18 mi.

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited: Not above people, animals, buildings, railways, waterways, beaches, historic city of Petra.


Useful link: Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission Jordan (CARC)

Registreer je UAV: This link.

Contact information: / +962 6 48 922 82


Although there is a UAV/drone ban to fly in the old historic city of Petra, there are a lot of pictures on the internet.