You are welcome in Luxembourg with your UAV.


Toerists with a drone must ask a permission for every flight at the Direction de L’Aviation Civile (DAC).


Maximum take-off gewicht: 2 kilo for private UAVs

Maximum hight: 50 meters 164 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: Keep visual eye contact with UAV

Insurance: Every flight must have a separate insurance. 

Distance Airport /heliports: Airport 5 km / 3.2 mi. Heliport: 2 km 1.2 mi.

Do not fly: Above (historical) buildings, people, vehicles, rivers. 

Permit: Ask for every flight for a permit at the Direction de L’Aviation Civile (DAC).

Night Flights : Prohibited, unless you have permission form the Direction de L’Aviation Civile (DAC).


Specific Rules: 

UAVs must have a return to home function. 

Create a working box around the Pilot. Nobody else may enter this working box. 

Rules for commercial flights: If you do a commercial flight, then you must pay a fee € 619,73, to the Direction de L’Aviation Civile (DAC).


(Own foto WorldDroneRules, Castle Vianden, Luxembourg)