You are welcome with your UAV in Malta, but under strict conditions...


The entire airspace is in controlled Airspace. You must separately arrange a declaration of consent for each flight via the Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD). Individual approval takes about 7 days, and this applies to all camera drones that are heavier are then 250 grams. When applying for permission, you must provide proof of insurance for your drone, flight plan, type, serial number of your drone, etc. etc.


Maximum take-off weight: No limit

Maximum hight: 120 meters / 393 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: In builded areas 450 meter (1,476 ft) , outside builded areas 750 meter (2,460 ft).

Insurance: Not known

Minimum age: 

Distance Airports / Heliports: 5 km / 3.18 mi.

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited: not in the neighborhood of military , ships,  people, animals, government buildings, beaches.


Useful link: Malta Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD)

Contact information: / +356 25 55 56 06