You are welcome with your UAV in Mexico, but you have to take a couple of steps before you go.


Maximum take-off weight: see below

Maximum hight: see below

Maximum horizontal distance:  see below

Minimum Age: 

Insurance: Not known

Distance Airports / Heliports: see below

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited: Not above ruines, buildings, people, vehicles, beaches, historical tempels, animals, zoo, prisons, government buildings.


Mexico have three categories for UAVs 



- Micro: Under  2 kilo

- Small: between 2 and 25 kilo

- Big:  More then 25 kilo


(i)    Permission to fly a UAV. 

a.     for Small and Big you must have  permission from the National Defense Ministery.

        You also need it when you fly Micro with a camera (see section iii below);  

b.     Liability insurance obligated with a covarage  with a minimum US$142,000.

(ii)    Permission and restrictions

a.     minimum distance 9.2 km 5,71 mi from Airports and Heliports 

b.     Fly Micro with a maximum hight:  120 meters 393 ft. Big and small 150 meters 492 ft. 

c.     Watch out for No Fly Zone Signs 

d.     Not above crowds (12 persons is a crowd in Mexico)

e.     Maximum Horizontal distance 457 meters 1500 ft, and keep eye contact with UAV  

(iii)   Special permission for Air photos/film. 

a.     Get permission form the National Defense Ministry (In Spanisch “SEDENA”) to take photos/film from the sky.

        All permissions and forms are in Spanish. 

b.     Get permission form the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (In Spanish “INEGI” ) to take photos/film from the sky. 

        All permissions and forms are in Spanish. 


For Small en Big you must have a UAV Licence. Micro operators must have aeronautic Knowledge

If you think this is to much for me, I do it without, then you are guilty to commit a crime

Also take hour purchase receipt with you, when traveling to Mexico, There are stories that people must pay taxes at the border,

because they think that you are going to sell it.  


More information and forms please click here


Contact information:  Mexico’s Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics (DGCA):

Telephone: +52 5 687 7660