The Netherlands (Holland) 


You are welcome with your UAV in The Netherlands. 


  • Keep distance from persons and buildings (minimum 50 meters / 164 ft) 
  • Keep distance from Railways, roads en waterways (minimum 50 meters / 164 ft) 
  • Not higher then 120 meters 393 ft from groundlevel.  
  • Not further then 500 meters 1,640 ft. and keep your drone in visual sights
  • Dont fly above buildings
  • FPV glasses are prohibited
  • You may fly above 30 km roads.
  • Don't fly in NO-FLY zones or 3KM from small Airfields / 8 km 4.17 mi from a big airport. 
  • AMSTERDAM and surroundings IS A NO FLY ZONE.... dont fly there, it is prohibited!!!  (see map below)
  • Fly only in Daylight. Night flying is prohibited
  • Maximum weight is 25 kilo.
  • Commercial flying is nog allowed if you don't have the papers to fly Commercial. 


Useful link: Netherlands Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

Contact information: / +31 70 351 6171

                                     or email someone from this website, we are based in het Netherlands.


No Fly Zones The Netherlands

RED and GREEN are NO FLY ZONES !  (Red are mostly airports, Green are Nature Parks and

Orange is sometimes a No Fly Zone, because of military movements. 

(for a detailed map see:  KadasterData)