You are welcome with your UAV in Spain


Maximum take-off weight: 2 kilo

Maximum hight: 120 meters / 393 ft

Maximum horizontal distance:  VLOS

Fireproof Tag: Obligated, with name, adress, telephone number  (Order it here fast delivery in Europe (within 2 weeks)

Minimum Age: 

Insurance: Not known

Distance Airports / Heliports: 15 km / 9.58 mi.

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited: Not above citycenters, beaches, other crowded places, niet above soccer stadium like Nou Camp (Barcelona stadium) and Real Madrid.

                    ( See also No-Fly-Zone maps )


The current Spanish RPAS regulation (RD 1036/2017), which lays down the rules and procedures for the operation of RPAS in Spain, states the following rules concerning their recreational use:


-          NOT over assemblies of people and keeping a safe distance from the boundaries of congested areas;

-          In Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC);

-          Within the remote pilot visual line of sight (VLOS) and at a maximum height of no more than 120 m above ground level;

-          Keeping a safe distance from obstacles and giving way to manned aircraft;

-          Outside controlled airspace and flight information zones (FIZ) at a minimum distance of 8 km from the reference point of any airport or aerodrome, except for those operations carried out in infrastructures specially devoted to RPAS, under the conditions established in the coordination procedures agreed by the operator of said infrastructures with the air traffic services provider;

-          At night with RPA with an MTOM of less than 2 kg at a maximum height of 50 m above ground level;

-          When using first-person vision (FPV) devices, the operation must be performed within the remote pilot range, but always supported by observers who remain in permanent contact with the pilot without the help of these devices.


The distribution of images of people or private spaces needs their authorisation and must comply with the applicable Data Protection Regulation, the Right to Honor, Privacy and own image and with the restrictions of taking aerial images.


Any picture that you may take during recreational flight cannot be used for commercial or professional purposes. Note that in case of aerial works and commercial operations further requirements must be applied.


An Identification plate must be placed on the RPA and the ground control station with the following information:

  • Full name of the operator
  • Contact details of the operator (i.e. address, email, telephone number)
  • Manufacturer’s name, RPAS serial number


Please ask the local Authorities prior to fly. Other restrictions may apply, for example in some special areas like Natural Parks and Biosphere Reserves. You can find a map of the airspaces in ENAIRE’s web app:


You are responsible for the operation of your RPAS. We do recommend to get, at least, a third-party insurance to cover the risks associated to the operation of your RPAS.


Please contact your airline carrier too in order to check the special conditions for the transport of LIPO batteries.


Prior communication is not needed for recreational purposes (hobby).





Useful link: State Agency of Air Security (AESA)

Contact information : / +34 913 96 8000

Fireproof tag: Order it here fast delivery in Europe (within 2 weeks)