You are welcome with your UAV in Sweden.


Maximum take-off weight: 20 kilo

Maximum hight: 120 meters / 393 ft.

Maximum horizontal distance: There must be visable contact with the UAV

Insurance: liability insurance is not obligated, but recommended

Minimum age: 

Distance Airports / Heliports: 10 km / 6.4 mi.

Specific rule 1: In Sweden you are obliged to keep a log of your flights.

Specific rule 2: When a flight is being conducted, the pilot must set up an aviation and safety zone, the size of which is

                           within the intended site and surrounding area

Fireproof tag: Obligated, with name, adress, telephone number. Order a Tag quickly here.

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited: Do not fly above rescue workers, prisons, or places wherever emergency services are involved.


Useful link: Transport Agency Sweden (TAS)

No Fly Zones Sweden: Click here for the No Fly Zones Sweden

Contact information:   TAS Contact Form / +46  010495 64 91 (Only use it for Whatsapp/text messages)


Transmitters / Telecommunications: 

The use of radio transmitters requires permits from the Post and Telecommunications Agency (PTS). Drones use radio stations to control the drone from the ground and in some cases to transfer the image and the film. Some frequencies may use without PTS permission.

Among other things, the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands, but with a limited transmitted power.