You are welcome with your UAV in Thailand, but they have much rules. 


Maximum take-off weight: Above 2 kilo registration is obligated

Maximum hight: 90 meters 295 ft. 

Maximum horizontal distance: Pilot must have visual sight on Drone

Insurance: obligated. Insured amount must be  1 miljion Bat (27.000,- euro). 

Distance Airports/heliports: 9 km 5.1 mi.

Andere afstanden: Stay 30 meters / 98 ft form persons, vehicles, buildings and crowds.  

Permit flight: If you fly over a building, you must have a permit from the land owner

Night flights: obligated

Minimum Age: 20 years. 


In Thailand there are two autorities concerning UAV rules/Permits: 

  • The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)
  • Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC)

You must have  a permit to fly a UAV heavier then 2 kilo

Permission CAAT 

UAV Application Form and the Consent to the Disclosure of Personal Information.

send also a copy of your passport or other ID, and a proof that the UAV have a insurance policy. 

Insurance certificate must have the following: 

  • Name owner
  • Brand, model, weight of the UAV
  • WorldWide coverage
  • Coverage of  1 milioen Thaisland Bat = 27.000 euro)

Send the forms to If you have questions, then call CAAT on 0066 (0) 2568 8815.

After 3/4 months you get your permission. 

Permit form van de  NBTC

You must arrange this in Thailand,  You can find a NBTC office everywhere. It takes 10-15 minutes to get a permit. Sometimes CAAT have already arranged a permit at the NBTC, check this in front.


If you dont have a NBTC registration, then you can get a prisonment of 1 year or a fine of 100.000 Thaise Bat (EUR 2.700,-).

( a Thailand Prison is not a good place to spent your time) 


Good to know: In Chiang Mai you must ask for a permit to air traffic control , because it is close to the airport. You can call them a couple of days in front. 

Also a flight the historic park of Ayutthaya is obligated (Very nice place!!! ). The Historical Park Office gives this permit, they are open every day from 08:30 am to 4.30 pm. A permit is 5,000 thaise bat. (EUR 128,-)


Useful link: Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand(CAAT)

Contact information: / +66 (0) 256 888 00