Wales (United Kingdom)


You are welcome in Wales with your UAV.


Maximum take-off weight:  Above 7 kilo, you must have a condition apply.

Maximum hight:120 meter / 400 ft in the United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, England) (since Juli 1th 2018)

Maximum horizontal distance:  500 meters 1,640 ft. and keep visual eye contact with the UAV

Maximum distance persons:  50 meters / 164 ft. and  150 meters / 492 ft from buildings and crowds

Registration: -

Minimum age: -

Insurance: not known

Distance Airports / Heliports:  8 km / 4.17 mi

Night flights:  Prohibited

Prohibited:  not above crowds, houses unless you have permission from the owner, not above military objects, stadiums, rescue workers.

Good to know: Frequency: 2.4 GHz without power limitation with digital radio; 5.8 GHz in the range of 5.725 to 5.875 MHz


Useful link: Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom (CAA)

Contact information: / +44 033 0022 1500