• Green: You can fly here, with or without authorization of the Government or Civil Aviation departments  
  • Yellow, you have to register as a pilot with your UAV. And sometimes you also must do a skill test. 
  • Rood, strictly prohibited and your UAV could be confiscated when you cross the border. 
  • Grey, not enough informatie to say something about it. These goverments are not have UAV/Drone rules on there agenda. 





Know your UAV, know the rules 

actually you should behave everywhere the same when you are a UAV/Drone pilot. 


So be consciously about the following: 


  • Stay away from Airports/Heliports! 
  • Take care of a Insurance for you and your Drone abroad
  • Keep your attentions to your UAV, and if you fly FPV, make sure you have a spotter/observator who can see the surroundings.
  • Fly only in good weather conditions
  • Respect the privacy of people and there homes.
  • If you gonna fly on private property, Make sure you have permission
  • Do not fly above people, but also not above animals, beaches, buildings etc.
  • Do not fly near political or military buildings, prisons, police, courts, nuclear power plants, and certainly not above accidents / forest fires where emergency services are at work.

In many countries the above points are standard, but you just have to stick to these rules always.

Always think: how would I react if ..... (a UAV flies at 10 meters high above my garden etc.  

By keeping you to these basic rules, we can achieve that UAVs/drones are accepted more, and do not get a bad reputation,

or even worse: being banned.